Course Intro

Neighbor-love was a revolutionary idea in ancient culture. It changed the way people saw one another across race, ethnicity, gender, class, politics, and religion. It restructured community around compassion, hospitality, generosity, and justice. And it redefined what it means to have an authentic relationship with the Creator of the universe. Jesus called neighbor-love the greatest commandment, the heart of what it means to be truly human and live forever. Neighbor-love then became central to Jesus’s counter-cultural, world-changing movement.

And yet neighbor-love has been tragically neglected or taken for granted in many churches and Christian culture. Where did the idea of neighbor-love come from? What does it actually mean and require in practice? And how can we become ambassadors of neighbor-love in the twenty-first century?

Neighbor-Love: A Revolutionary Idea that Could Save Our World is the first video course devoted entirely to the ethics of neighbor-love. Combining scholarly depth, popular accessibility, and practical application, this course will immerse you in the history, meaning, and practice of neighbor-love. It makes a passionate case for why we should champion neighbor-love today as the center of our lives, churches, and cultures.

As religion disappoints, hate grows, walls rise, violence explodes, and the largest refugee crisis in history continues, where can we find hope and a practical pathway into a flourishing future? Neighbor-love is the passionate wager of Christian ethics.

I believe this course will expand your mind, inspire your imagination, enrich your relationships, and refocus your purpose for being alive. I invite you to join me.

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